10 things we learned from the Ed Miliband/Russell Brand interview

10 things we learned from the Ed Miliband/Russell Brand interview

Russell Brand's interview with Ed Miliband is out. We already know about the mockney accent - here's what else we learned from it:

1. Russell Brand likes to talk, and he likes to talk about himself

He took 46 seconds to ask his first question - and only stopped when Ed interrupted. According to BuzzFeed, Brand spent 8 minutes and 16 seconds of the 15:56 video talking.

2. Russell Brand doesn't know what apathy means

"It's not apathy. It's just a sense of 'what's the point'."

3. Ed thinks Murdoch is getting less powerful

These people are less powerful than they used to be... I'm not diminishing Rupert Murdoch but he's much less powerful than he used to be.

4. And he is not that into that hopey, changey thing

I'm not looking for euphoria, I'm looking for a sense of this is real, concrete deliverable change... People want a sense that the country's run in a different way.

5. But he does believe the world can change

You've got to have a government that is willing to say 'there is something wrong with this and we're going to deal with it.'

6. Things got very expressive

7. Very expressive

8. Very, very expressive

9. This is what Ed thinks is wrong with the country

The fundamental problem with this country is that people think it's run for somebody else and that somebody else is probably someone right at the top of society. They've got the access, influence and the power - it's not run for them - and that's what we've got to change.

10. Russell Brand thinks he is normal

"What we need to feel - normal people..."

You can watch the whole interview below.

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