Picture: Jack Taylor/Getty Images
Picture: Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Earlier this week, Jeremy Corbyn attended a leadership rally in Salford, where he berated the mainstream media for failing to cover a Labour victory.

I'm going to tell you something now you won't have read in any of the papers, because none of them had any space to carry it whatsoever, because they are very, very busy with all the important news of the day.

On Thursday, which is 36 hours ago, so the news should have got through by now, there was a by election in the district of Thanet, in north Kent, a by election in which the Labour candidate Penny Newman took the seat from UKIP and won it for Labour.

The victory he spoke of was a parish council election in Ramsgate, in which Labour candidate Penny Newman defeated the Ukip candidate Roy Potts by 77 votes, in a 485 vote election (13 per cent turnout).

Roy Potts won the larger election to Thanet District Council, defeating the Labour candidate David Green by 295 votes to 281 (20 per cent turnout).

Ukip retained control of Thanet District Council, the greater victory.

Here's some more of the mainstream media not telling you how things are:

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