11 foods you should never, ever keep in the fridge

No matter what your mum or dad might have taught you about the fridge and its magical preservative properties, there are certain foods you just shouldn't keep in there.

1. Tomatoes

Putting tomatoes in the fridge will prevent them from ripening, thus killing their flavour.

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2. Potatoes

Keeping potatoes in the fridge can change its starch to sugar. Not only can this change the potato’s texture, but it can also make it taste sweet once cooked.

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3. Onions

The National Onion Association says that the only time onions should be kept in a fridge is if you’re trying to extend their shelf life.

Otherwise, keep it in a cool, dry place.


4. Bread

Freezing a loaf of bread temporarily stops bread from becoming stale, but refrigerating one can actually speed up the development of mould. The cold temperature causes the starch to crystallise quicker, making bread hard and stale.


5. Bananas

Ripe bananas can be put in the fridge to keep them ripe, but putting an unripe banana in there will stop it from ripening. Ever.

According to A Moment of Science, bananas are from warm, tropical climates and have no natural defence against the cold.

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6. Garlic

Putting garlic in a fridge, especially in a plastic bag is an invitation for mould. Best to store it in a cool, dark place that isn't the fridge.

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7. Oil

Storing oil in the fridge tends to harden its consistency, and you won’t be able to cook with it.

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8. Coffee

Putting coffee in the fridge will not only get rid of some of its flavour, but it will also absorb the smells in the fridge, meaning it will never taste the same again.

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9. Melon

Only store melon in the fridge if it’s been cut. Until then, store it outside. Research has shown that keeping a melon at room temperature preserves the high antioxidant levels.

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10. Avocado

Like the banana, keeping the avocado in the fridge, especially if it’s unripe, will stop it from ripening.

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11. Honey

The cold will increase the rate of crystallisation, making it hard and solid.

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