11 flawless hangover cures you need on a Sunday morning

Greg Evans
Sunday 17 September 2017 11:30
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It's the weekend.

Now we've all been out for "just a couple" of drinks before.

You wake up the next morning, scarcely recalling what happened the night before and struggling to function.

A hangover can seriously ruin an entire day and trying to get rid of them is one of the least satisfying tasks known to man.

So you need an efficient cure.

You might have your own remedies but we recommend trying out some of the following.

1.Drink water. Lots of water.

A big mistake that some people make is going straight to bed without doing anything.

Your body needs to be rehydrate as alcohol forces a lot of water out of your system.

Ever wondered why you need the toilet so much during a heavy session? That's why.

Either drink water between alcoholic bevvies or down a lot of water when you return home.

It doesn't hurt to have a glass of water next to your bed either.

2. Eat. Eat. Eat.

You might have heard the phrase "eating's cheating."

If you don't want a nasty hangover, don't heed this advice.

A full stomach is the best way to counteract the effects of alcohol and the fattier or carb based the better.

This will slow down the bodies absorption of the alcohol. Milk and a shot of olive oil also has the same benefit.

It's better to do this before going out on the razz but there is always that sneaky kebab at 3am, which could help.

3. Don't go wild on the dance floor.

Look, we all like to think that we are the next Michael Jackson or Beyonce on the dance floor but maybe take it easy if you are knocking them back.

Exhausting yourself with your best rendition of the rhumba might impress people but your body will dehydrate quicker.

You might not look like the coolest cat in the nightclub but you'll feel significantly better in the morning.

4. Stock up on supplies

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There is nothing worse than waking up with a stinking hangover and having nothing in the cupboards.

Before a big drinking session stock up on what will get you through the next day.

Be it painkillers, sugary food, soda water, isotonic drinks, Berocca or even soup, having everything at hand will make your life a lot easier.

5. Walk home

There is nothing like a good walk. Even when you are three sheets to the wind.

Walking home drunk is an easy way to clear your head and sober up.

However, don't do it on your own.

Walking alone with a fuzzy head is pretty dangerous.

Grab a friend before embarking on your journey.

6. Avoid coffee

Coffee might seem like a logical way to cure a hangover as it is bound to wake you up.

Big mistake. Just like alcohol, coffee causes your body to lose water faster.

It will also increase those horrible sweats and palpitations that are so common in a hangover.

Water, juice, tea, milk, hot water with honey and lemon are all better than coffee so avoid it.

7. Take a shower

You can try every trick under the sun to freshen up but nothing works better than a shower.

Don't make it too hot though as a sudden rush of heat can make you feel a tad queasy.

For the perfect hangover shower, open the bathroom window (if you have one) for a bit of added fresh air.

8. Keep yourself distracted

Wallowing in your own self pity won't help your situation at all.

It will only increase your despair and compound your misery further.

Therefore, take a day off and sit yourself down in front of a television or laptop.

Whether this means watching tonnes of films or looking at stupid memes online, that's fine (low brightness)

Just make sure it's nothing too intense or strenuous on your senses.

9. Don't drink alcohol

"The hair of the dog" cure might have been banded around for years now but it really isn't going to help.

Another hit of booze might ease your pain slightly but it will only reemerge in a few hours with a vengeance.

You may say "I'll never drink again", but it's best to avoid alcohol for at least 48 hours.

Also if you keep on drinking during a hangover, who knows what sort of dangerous habits that could lead to.

10. Exercise

If you aren't feeling that worse for wear and a capable enough of leaving the house, perhaps try some exercise.

We aren't suggesting that you run a marathon but some light exercise will give you a boost and up those endorphin levels.

Make sure you keep drinking that water if you do choose to do this though.

You don't want to get dehydrated again.

11. Sleep it off

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If all else fails just go back to bed. Your body can still do that.

Drinking and staying out late naturally disrupts you sleep cycle so you need to catch up.

It's not like you've got anything else planned for the day anyway so might as well spend it in bed.

Concentrate all your energy on sleeping and you'll wake up feel right as rain (maybe).

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