Eleven normal things in Britain that are totally weird elsewhere

Britain can be weird. We get it.

Here are 11 things that make Britons particularly prone to accusation:

1. "See you later" when you’ll literally never see them again

You've bought a packet of crisps. You hand over the money.

"See you later!"

No, you won't.

Picture: bbcsherlockftw

2. Local news

Fugitive dogs, stolen crisps, errant seagulls turning off TVs and a woman finding a hat in a tree are all actual news stories.

Picture: County Times

3. Garage/grime

100 per cent British. Nobody (apart from the British, and in some cases not even them) get it.

4. The Full English breakfast

Also known as heart-attack-on-a-plate, it consists of all your recommended daily caloric count. Oh, and cooked, dried pig's blood black pudding.

Picture: My Virgin Kitchen/ YouTube

5. Not saying what you mean

Oh, that's quite good.


That is utter crap and you need to crawl back into that hole you crawled out of and take this pathetic excuse for dinner with you.

Picture: riffsy

6. Sarcasm

Sarcasm? Breathing? Pretty much the same thing.

And this is what happens when British sarcasm meets America.

7. Livestock competitions

Okay, so these actually happen all over the world.

Still, there's something weird about how much pride Britons have in their farmyard animals, and we take every opportunity to show them off.

Picture: Boris Roessler/ Getty

8. A thai restaurant in a pub

Not a thai pub, but an actual thai restaurant nestled inside a pub.

Because why not?

Picture: Chris Jobling/Flickr

9. Weather small talk

Maybe we like to bond over our mutual hatred for the rain.

Or maybe we’re just really, really bad at small talk.

Picture: vimpirecircus

10. 99 Flake

If you don't know, get to know.


11. Boris Johnson is a highly successful politician

Dear World,

We're sorry.

Picture: Ben Pruchnie/Getty
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