11 things women were told not to do in 2014

11 things women were told not to do in 2014

1. Ask for a pay rise

women should not ask for a pay rise

2. Laugh

Turkey's deputy prime minister advised women not to laugh in public, during a speech on “moral corruption”.

3. Be interested in politics

Fox News pundit Kimberly Guilfoyle advised young women not to concern themselves with voting, and to spend their time on Tinder instead.

4. Wear jeans

Indian singer KJ Yesudas said women should not wear jeans because they provoke “undesirable” behaviour.

5. Expect to be safe in bikinis

Thailand’s prime minister Prayuth Chan-ocha suggested that "beautiful" female visitors to his country should not expect to be safe in bikinis in the wake of the murder of two British tourists.

6. Walk on one side of the road

In September Hackney council removed “unacceptable” posters instructing women which side of the road they should walk down. The signs, written in Yiddish and English, had been put up to celebrate a Torah procession.

7. Breastfeed openly

Louise Burns was asked by staff at top London hotel Claridge's to cover herself and her 12-week-old baby's head with a large napkin to avoid “causing offence” while she was breastfeeding.

8. Be filmed squirting

The government introduced a range of new restrictions on activity in pornographic films made in Britain, including banning spanking, caning, whipping, squirting, fisting and face-sitting.

9. Walk home alone at night

Following a series of attacks in Hounslow, police last month advised women to "avoid walking alone at night".

10. Complain of marital rape

Former Ukip donor Demetri Marchessini told Channel 4 News in April 2014 that there was no such thing as marital rape, saying "once a woman accepts, she accepts".

11. Present Masterchef

Earlier this year Masterchef presenter Greg Wallace suggested two women could not present the cooking programme. "You could not have two female judges on MasterChef, it’s a blokey thing," he told Alan Carr.

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