12 pictures that show the difference between Trump and Obama

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As many of the world's leaders sit down to talk policy and diplomacy in Hamburg this week, it presents a rather interesting opportunity for some comparisons.

As every great democracy knows, change is inevitable - leaders cannot stay in power forever - so when the old guard leave and their replacements attend events such as this, it's rather fascinating to see how the rest of the pack reacts.

A prime example of this would be Angela Merkel's reaction to two US President's.

Mrs Merkel has been Chancellor of Germany since 2005, and has therefore worked closely with Barack Obama and is now set to work with Donald Trump.

Here are just a few comparisons between Donald Trump with Angela Merkel and Barack Obama with Angela Merkel.

1. Shaking hands

Here's Obama and Merkel shaking hands on his 2016 trip to Berlin

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Here's Trump and Merkel shaking hands at the G20 summit

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2. Discussing politics

Here's Obama and Merkel strategising​ the G20 summit in China in 2016

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Here's Trump and Merkel strategising at the G20 Summit in Hamburg this week

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3. Listening to each other

Here's Merkel listening to Trump at the G20

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Here's Merkel listening to Obama

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4. Hanging with another world leader

Here's Merkel with Trump with a group of other leaders.

Mr Macron jumped through world leaders to stand next to Mr TrumpPicture: AFP/Getty Images

Here's Merkel with Obama and another foreign leader

Picture:Picture: Getty

5. Holding a joint press conference

Here's Merkel listening to Trump

And here's Merkel listening to Obama

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6. At the White House

Here's Merkel and Trump at the White House.

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Here's Obama and Merkel.

Picture:Picture: JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images

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