How the internet reacted to the most stressful US election ever

How the internet reacted to the most stressful US election ever

The 2020 US election has become a rather confusing moment in history as both Donald Trump and Joe Biden are neck and neck in the race for the White House.

President Trump has overperformed in the polls and held onto key states such as Florida and Ohio and at the time of writing no states from the 2016 results have yet flipped.

States in the midwest like Pennslyvania, Wisconsin and Michigan are yet to declare the winner and aren't likely to announce the victor for days to come due to the amount of mail-in votes that yet to be counted.

Watching the scenes play out from home even if you aren't in the United States has been a very stressful affair and judging by Twitter, people are struggling to hold it all together.

Well done to relaxation app Calm, who sponsored CNN's coverage of the election.

Seriously everyone, you are allowed to go to bed.

Especially as this one looks to be going on for quite some time.

It appears that American elections and especially this one is very messy.

There were a surprising amount of football tweets about the election.

And wrestling too.

Jimmy Kimmel's tweets were definitely a mood.

At least there weren't any depressing election night parties.

Needless to say, we are all Cardi B right now.

You know things are bad when Ben Shapiro is the voice of reason.

Look, listen to Captain America and just have some patience.

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