Man claiming to be from 2021 has some very dubious 'predictions' for the world

Paranormal Elite/YouTube screengrab

A man claiming to be from 2021 has 'revealed' what the future has in store for us.

The Mirror reports that the mystery man said he suffers from anorexia and depression, and claims he is actually a 50-year-old man who took a drug to make himself appear 25.

According to The Mirror, the website Paranormal Elite received a phone call from the man, claiming to be from the year 2021.

Paranormal Elite reports that a man claims to have worked on a 'government project' and is now living in South America, for fear of being assassinated.

In a disclaimer under a video of the man called 'Noah', Paranormal Elite states he has 'recorded cases of depression of [sic] anorexia'.

At times in the video he breaks down into tears, and appears distressed.

'Noah', an anonymous man claiming to be from the year 2021 sent in a video of himself to the conspiracy theory website, and explained what will happen in the world between then and now. In the clip, in which his face is pixelated and his voice distorted, the man said that time travel was invented in 2003 but will only be available to the public from 2028.

His claims these events are due to take place in the next few years.

  • Donald Trump will be re-elected President in 2020.
  • Electric cars will be able to drive 600 miles on a single charge by 2021.
  • A 'Google-glasses' style technology will have 'taken over'.

The odds on Donald Trump's re-election are currently 5/2 on odds sites PaddyPower, Ladbrookes, Betfair, and Coral, meaning he has an almost 30 per cent chance of victory.

In May 2017 it was reported by Live Science that an electric car that could travel 620 miles on a single charge was in development. Mareike Wolter, Project Manager of Mobile Energy Storage Systems at Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in Dresden, Germany, who is developing the technology, told Live Science that she and her team expect it to be ready by 2020.

Given that Noah is unspecific about the 'Google-glass' type technology, it is impossible to debunk it, or predict the machines' functions.

Paranormal Elite claims they sent him '700 dollars worth of food and water' to 'help him get by for a while'.

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