Nick Clegg predicted the future with stunning accuracy

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Sunday 26 June 2016 17:40

In an article for the i newspaper published the day before the referendum, ex-deputy prime minister Nick Clegg speculated about what a post-Brexit future might resemble.

Now the world has gone to hell in a handcart, people are understandably freaking out at the accuracy with which he managed to predict recent events.

Here's some scarily prescient quotes from the ex Lib Dem leader's article "What you will wake up to if we vote to Leave...":

...the Conservatives descend into a bloody leadership election


As politicians bicker, you become increasingly unnerved by what’s happening in the economy, too: overseas investors take fright; money flows out of the country; our credit rating is slashed


Nicola Sturgeon soon announces that preparations have started for a second independence referendum, claiming it is the only way to keep Scotland in the EU. And this time most commentators think that she will win.


Still, at least they will finally sort out our borders, right? After all, ending mass immigration was the Brexiteers' biggest claim of all. So imagine how you’ll feel when you discover that they don’t have a plan for that either?

This is getting eerie now.

And then there’s that faintly queasy feeling you get when you see Donald Trump on the TV, visiting the UK on Friday, declaring his joy at the Brexit vote.

He's inside my head.

The hashtag "#MysticClegg" writes itself really.

Since this revelation, people have begun searching his previous statements for examples of his clairvoyance.

They found plenty.

In October 2014 Nick "the Sybil" Clegg said this at the Liberal Democrats' Autumn Conference:

In particular the part where Clegg says:

Imagine again what it be like in 2020, but this time with the Conservatives in Government on their own. Britain, diminished and divided after a botched attempt to renegotiate our relationship with Europe and a vote to withdraw from the European Union.

Maybe this is why he looks so sad all the time. Like Cassandra, he saw our downfall but nobody believed him!

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