A man of Middle-Eastern appearance was forced off the Tube after a commuter complained he was using an iPad "suspiciously", it was reported on Wednesday.

Witnesses said that a smartly-dressed man told a man who looked like he was Muslim to leave the train car because he was making him uncomfortably by switching off his iPad off after the commuter looked at it. A witness told The Evening Standard:

The Arabic man looked pretty shocked and clearly didn't know what to do.

Sadly this is just one incident of many that have been reported to police in the past few weeks.

Data from the government's working group on anti-Muslim hatred has shown a spike of more than 300 per cent in hate crime, mostly directed at Muslim women and girls, in the wake of the Isis attacks in Paris last month, and other Western countries are reporting similar problems.

Fiyaz Mughal, director of Tell Mama, an organisation that monitors and reports anti-Muslim hate crime, told i100.co.uk that the spike in incidents resembles the same pattern that occurred after the murder of Lee Rigby.

The victim profile is that they are generally visible Muslim women, and they are aged roughly between 14-45. The perpetrator profile is one which shows that white males, aged between 15-35 are involved in the targeting of these women.

Some of the reasons that perpetrators have mentioned, whom we have spoken to, have included the visibility of the Muslim women and her visible Muslim identity. This, it seems, brings out the worst in the male perpetrators.

Just a handful of incidents highlighted by recent news reports and TellMama, a charity that monitors and reports anti-Muslim hate crime, include:

1. November 14th: Graffiti reading "death to Muslims", "France wake up" and "coffin" spray-painted in public places in Paris and on a mosque and halal butchers in Oloron-Sainte-Marie

2. November 16th: Teacher in Rotherham told a 14-year-old boy in his class to 'stop talking, you terrorist'

3. November 18th: Muslim teenager wearing a hijab told "F--k off back to Syria" by man who refused to sit next to her on the Tube

4. November 20th: Mother in Edinburgh had to pull her daughter out of school because of intensified Islamophobic bullying

5. November 21st: Maher Khalil and Anas Ayyad stopped from boarding Chicago-Philadelphia flight because they were overheard speaking in Arabic

6. November 21st: Niqab-wearing woman subjected to racist tirade on metro train in Newcastle

7. November 23rd: Hijab-wearing teenage girl in Birmingham punched in the face in broad daylight in city centre

8. November 24th: Kameelah Rasheed thrown off flight from New York to Istanbul and interrogated by an FBI agent

9. November 27th: Muslim couple attacked in supermarket car park in Manchester

10. December 2nd: Woman wearing a niqab punched twice on London bus

11. December 4th: Attempted arson attack on London mosque

12. December 5th: Muslim shop owner in New York beaten by customer

13. December 7th: Moroccan man thrown off flight from Copenhagen-Paris because he prayed before take-off

14. December 8th: Pig's head thrown at doors of mosque in Philadelphia

15. December 9th: Ibrahim Ismail thrown off a National Express coach from Bristol to London for "looking shifty"

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