A woman has been jailed for having loud sex

A 25-year-old woman has been sent to prison for having sex so loud it shook her neighbour's dresser.

Amanda Warfel's neighbour complained to police after two years of loud sex, and loud music coming through the adjoining while.

While a 45- to 90- day sentence in the county prison seems a little draconian, it may be the first time in a while the Saylor family - the neighbours - don't feel like they're in a B-grade pornographic film.

Mum Tanya Saylor even gave her five children headphones so they could sleep, saying:

It's pretty pathetic when you have to have a protocol due to your neighbour's actions

Warfel had previously pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and harassment charges and reportedly said in court in York County, Pennsylvania, that she wished the family had been there so she could apologise.

It's not clear how effective sitting in jail is for changing one's bedroom practices, but here's to hoping so.

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