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During his time as president, between 1861 and 1865, Abraham Lincoln's legacy consisted of abolishing slavery, preserving the Union and modernising the US economy.

A memorial for the president sitting proudly on his chair is one of the top attractions in Washington DC, whilst his image is one of four presidents on the prestigious Mount Rushmore.

However, it seems a statue of a younger, leaner, athletic and dare we say 'hotter' Lincoln has got the internet all thirsty for the 16th president of the United States.

The sculpture, which depicts a shirtless Lincoln, tugging at his waistband, resides at the Los Angeles federal courthouse and has gone viral after it was snapped by Twitter user Zack Stentz.

Twitter was soon awash with lustful comments and jokes about the statue and here are some of the best.

Another 'hot' Lincoln statue reportedly resides in Chicago too.

The statue is reportedly called 'Young Lincoln' and was completed by James Hansen in 1939, and installed in 1941.

According to The Living New Deal, the information plaque on the statue reveals that Hansen used himself as the model for Lincoln's figure.

It was Hansen’s first large-scale sculpture, and the artist used himself as the model for the gangly figure of Lincoln. Hansen developed his own interpretation of Lincoln, portraying him as a young man standing barefoot and shirtless – a man of deep sentiment and understanding.

This Life magazine article details the creation of the statue.

It's only taken over 80 years to get some recognition by we're glad that 'Young Lincoln' is finally getting the respect he deserves.

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