Pro-choice activist swallows mail-order abortion pill in the middle of live TV debate

Detroit activist takes mail-order abortion pill on live TV
YouTube/Jex Blackmore

A pro-choice activist who was invited to a debate on abortion sent a clear message in the middle of the discussion - raising awareness surrounding the safety of mail-order abortion pills by swallowing one on live TV.

Jex Blackmore appeared on the Fox 2 segment "Let It Rip" for a debate against pro-life activist Rebecca Kiessling which coincided with the 49th anniversary of the historic Roe v Wade ruling (January 22 1973) which legalised and protected a woman's right to an abortion.

Though it looks like this landmark decision could be overturned by a conservative Supreme Court which could make abortion illegal once more, with some states criminalising the procedure.

During the debate, Blackmore - who was sporting an "Abortion Pills badge - held up a white pill and said it was mifepristone - an FDA approved abortion medication which also used together with misoprostol, to terminate a pregnancy before 10 weeks.

But what Blackmore did next stunned host Charlie Langton and Kiessling as the pro-choice activist told them: “I want to show you how easy it is, how safe it is, by taking it myself.” Blackmore then popped the pill in her mouth, took a sip of water, swallowed it, and then gave a smile.

Taken aback by what just happened, Langton asked Blackmore if she was pregnant, to which Blackmore replied: “I would say that this is going to end a pregnancy...This will be my third abortion.”

Kiessling can be seen shaking her head in disapproval while Langton added: "That doesn't happen very often."

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At the end of the interview, Blackmore shared how people can access abortion pills via mail through the website created by the movement Shout Your Abortion as part of their campaign. The pills cost $150 and can be shipped anywhere in the U.S., and the website has different resources including: how to seek financial aid, an abortion and miscarriage hotline and a reproductive legal helpline too.

After taking the abortion pill on live TV, Blackmore took to Twitter to share what she did, and wrote: "So I just took abortion pill on LIVE TV #AbortionPillsForever."

Since her TV appearance, Blackmore confirmed to Detroit Metro Timesthat she ingested mifepristone, the first of two pills which caused a medically induced abortion.

In a statement, Blackmore told indy100: "Abortion is a common and safe medical procedure surrounded by stigma. Stigma keeps people silent about their personal experiences and creates space for harmful, inaccurate narratives.

"My action was intended to dispel some of those myths, misinformation, and stigma. I wanted to share, that for many of us, it’s a simple process and with mail-order pills, we can have an abortion on our own terms regardless of what the courts decide," she added.

"Taking the medication on live TV, especially a Fox affiliate, allowed the message to reach folks who normally would not be exposed to information about medical mail-order abortion. Nearly one in four people with a uterus will have an abortion by age 45, regardless of their political beliefs. It's critical that this information reaches everyone."

On the reaction Blackmore has received since her TV appearance, she said: "Of course the anti-choice movement is horrified, as they commonly are when witnessing any expression of bodily autonomy.

"However, overwhelmingly, the response I've received has been positive and supportive."

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