After 13 years, an answer to a 9/11 wedding photo mystery

Matthew Champion@matthewchampion
Saturday 13 September 2014 11:40

In October 2001, a friend of Elizabeth Stringer Keefe visited Ground Zero in New York, where she found a wedding photo amid the rubble.

The friend later gave the photo to the Massachusetts professor when she moved to California.

“She gave it to me with the request that I do something meaningful with it,” Stringer Keefe said.

“There’s so much beauty and happiness in the photo, and whatever relationship it had to 9/11, I wanted to care for it until I could return it to its owner. I hope this happens and there’s a happy ending.”

Attempts to identify the six people in the photo proved fruitless, but for the past several years, on every anniversary of the September 11 attacks, the professor has tweeted a scanned copy of it.

This year her tweet was retweeted more than 60,000 times, while the story was picked up by reddit users as well.

This year, she finally found out who was in the picture, and all six people are alive and well.

Manhattan resident Fred Mahe, originally from Colorado, got in touch to indicate he was the person on the left of the photo.

He said that the photo had been on his desk on the 77th floor of Two World Trade Centre.