This might be the most disgusting airline meal ever


You’d better not be too hungry if you ever fly on North Korea’s public airline, Koryo Airlines, because it has only one thing on the menu.

The Koryo Burger consists of a slice of ambiguous meat, a slice of processed cheese and a single, sad lettuce leaf – all served cold. And on a paper doily. Here it is:

The burger's infamy has risen higher than Koryo’s planes; the meat inside it is a mystery, along with the sauce it comes with.

China correspondent Jamie Fullerton wrote for Munchies about his Koryo Burger experience:

Meager shreds of purple cabbage, a stale bun and a processed cheese slice did little to complement the meat. An equally mysterious thin red sauce…appeared when the meat was squeezed but was thankfully far too watery to be blood. The burger was served fridge-cold.

Fullerton was told the vegetarian option was “not to have the burger”.

Simon Cockerell, general manager of the Beijing-based travel company Koryo Tours, told the LA Timeshype around the burger is huge.

It’s something that people are absolutely blown away by. And it’s a piece of meat between two buns

It turns out there is one thing that trumps North Korea's mystery: its airline's burger.

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