Alex Jones smokes 'magic tobacco' with Mike Tyson and asks him to meet Putin to end war

Alex Jones smokes 'magic tobacco' with Mike Tyson and asks him to meet Putin to end war
Passenger pummeled by Mike Tyson on airplane

Alex Jones puffed on some of Mike Tyson’s ‘magic tobacco’ - then asked him if he’d be interested in brokering peace between Russia and Ukraine.

“That’s a magic moment,” Jones wheezed as he took a puff, before asking the former heavyweight champion if he’d like to follow in Dennis Rodman’s shoes and get involved in world affairs.

He began by asking Tyson’s views on the war itself, and the boxer’s response was pretty perceptive.

“I think it started out as a war for finance - and so many of us got involved because of the humanity of it,” he said. “It became a war of humanity because so many people got involved, so many countries got involved, and now Russia’s really losing from a public opinion perspective.

“That’s worse than being hit by a nuclear bomb, so to speak - at least you’re dead with a nuclear bomb but you’ve got to live with this crap.”

Jones then made the bold claim that Rodman’s intervention in North Korea has "kinda ended" the war between the dictatorship and the south, and asked: “Could you go to broker peace between Putin and Zelensky?”

It was at this point Tyson pivoted away from specifics, and onto the kind of metaphor that you typically hear from someone puffing away on ‘magic tobacco’.

“Imma look at it like this,” he said. “People aren’t going to like this. Sometimes I see a hawk and it grabs a robin. And I can stop him from killing that bird but once I stop him from killing that bird, he dies, his baby dies, who am I saving, how am I right?

“That’s what I tell my kids, how are you right if you save that bird right now? Now he (the hawk) is going to die, his baby’s gonna die, something’s going to die.

This bleary-eyed diversion - from a known conspiracy theorist - was treated like a true pearl of wisdom by Jones, who said: “I think that’s the real knowledge, to think multi steps ahead, not only looking at one level. That’s what we were born to do.”

Dennis Rodman was a surprise addition to US diplomacy abroad, becoming something of an advocate for the secretive Asian nation after befriending Kim Jong-un in 2013.

He has visited North Korea several times since then and even broke down in tears following Donald Trump’s historic meeting with the leader in 2018.

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