Mike Tyson thinks the homeless are being hunted by wealthy people

Mike Tyson thinks the homeless are being hunted by wealthy people
Mike Tyson 'died' while tripping on psychedelic toad venom

Boxing legend Mike Tyson shared a rather grotesque theory - that wealthy people hunt the homeless for fun.

Last Friday (15 April), Tyson spoke with Joe Rogan for his Spotify podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience.

But things took an interesting turn when Tyson shared his outlandish theory, saying that he "really believes" the rich kidnap homeless people and hunt them on their private properties.

"Whatever you think a human did to another human being – it happened," Tyson said to Rogan.

"Somewhere in history?" Rogan asked.

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Tyson said: "Yeah, and sometimes these special camps and stuff, it happens. These people own these thousands of acres, and nothing grows on them."

Seemingly interested in continuing this idea, Rogan said: "Right, weird ranches where people do rituals and s***."

"Might want to hunt a motherf*****," Tyson continued.

Rogan further presumed that thought is "not outside the realm of possibility.

"I guarantee you there's been someone, somewhere in the world, who paid someone to hunt a person," he said in agreeance. "I guarantee you that's happened!"

Here's where the conversation gets darker.

Tyson started to delve into his theory: "This is what happens: they take these homeless people off the streets. Put them in there, take them to one of those special hospitals. [Then], they take them from the hospital, all drugged up, take them to these large estates, property - 'let's hunt' - Run!"

Evidently not fazed by Tyson's sentiments, Rogan referenced Richard Connell's short story, The Most Dangerous Game, which was published in 1924.

The story chronicles a big game hunter from New York City who ends up being hunted by Russian oligarchs for fun on a private Caribbean island.

Glossing over the citation, Tyson asked Rogan if he knew the sole "reason we hunt the fox."

Rogan guessed that it may have to do with their fur, but Tyson explained that the fox is the only one that "backtracks" and is the "only challenging chase."

Tyson added: "They want to challenge reasonability."

This wouldn't be the only interesting thing Tyson has said in an interview.

In November 2021, he told The New York Post that he "died" during a psychedelic trip when he smoked toad venom at Wonderland, a South Florida conference that is centred around psychedelics.

"I 'died' during my first trip. In my trips, I've seen that death is beautiful. Life and death both have to be beautiful, but death has a bad rep. The toad has taught me that I'm not going to be here forever. There's an expiration date," he said.

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