Dennis Rodman cried over Trump's North Korea meeting while wearing a Make America Great Again hat

Dennis Rodman cried over Trump's North Korea meeting while wearing a Make America Great Again hat

Former basketball star Dennis Rodman has a peculiar history with North Korea.

The eccentric 57-year-old was best known for his bizarre outfits, a variety of piercings and dyed hair during his days as an athlete. But since his retirement, he's become something of an advocate for the secretive Asian nation after befriending Kim Jong-un in 2013.

He has returned to North Korea several times since then and clearly believes that the country and its leader have something to offer the world.

Now that the historic summit between the United States and North Korea is taking place in Singapore, with Kim and Donald Trump discussing the possibility of denuclearisation, Rodman is understandably a bit excited and emotional.

During an interview with CNN, Rodman - who is in Singapore to witness the event - appeared on live TV wearing a 'Make America Great Again' cap and proceeded to cry.

While we can understand his emotion, as his relationship with Kim is possibly on the verge of being vindicated, the strangest aspect of this thoroughly odd interview was Rodman's plug for Potcoin.

If you haven't heard of Potcoin, don't worry. All you need to know that it is a marijuana-centric cryptocurrency who sponsored his trip to Singapore. There's a sentence you probably didn't expect to read today.

Rodman also chose to take a swipe at Barack Obama who he claimed never gave him "the time of day" when he approached him about negotiating with North Korea.

As far as weird interviews go, Rodman really ticked all the boxes here and people on Twitter didn't quite know what to make of it.

Rodman has also earned a lot of support for right-wing conservative Americans on Twitter for his support of Trump during the summit.

All we can hope is that the meeting produces the goods that Rodman wants as he is obviously very passionate about the whole thing.

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