Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez brilliantly mocks Republican for arguing with parody Twitter account


A pundit for the right-wing US media outlet Sinclair Media has been left red-faced after he was caught arguing with an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez parody account on Twitter.

Boris Epshteyn is the chief political analyst for Sinclair but despite his apparent expertise he managed to be easily duped by an account which even had 'parody' in its name.

An account called 'Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Press Release (parody)' tweeted a message calling Trump's withdrawal from the 'IMDb treaty with Russia' a 'reckless move.'

IMDb is, of course, the Internet Movie Database and has nothing to do with Trump or Russia. The tweet was riffing on the INF Treaty, which Trump recently pulled out of.

Yet. somehow Epshteyn saw this tweet and believed it to be legitimate and began to criticise the Democrats for their messaging on Russia and accused Ocasio-Cortez of seeking a 'big profile' on IMDb.

Unfortunately for Epshteyn, this tweet did not go unnoticed and he soon found himself being ridiculed for inconceivably believing that the tweet had come from the real Ocasio-Cortez.

Once he realised the mistake he reacted in the way you would expect, by continuing to vaguely criticise Ocasio-Cortez by stating that most things that she does 'sound like a parody.'

Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse for Epshteyn, the real Ocasio-Cortez joined in on the fun, joking that the right is so eager to discredit her that they are willing to use a parody accounts to support their arguments.

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