Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez comes up with the perfect alternative to SantaCon

If being the youngest woman ever to be elected into US congress and generally slaying politics wasn’t enough, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has just come up with a genius idea – GrinchCon.

In major cities across the world, SantaCon sees hundreds of people dressed in Santa costumes take to the streets in a festive-themed bar crawl.

But when a New York Times reporter asked Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter if she could pass a law stopping SantaCon, she replied with a pretty ingenious alternative.

She wrote:

I’m not sure, but maybe we can look into establishing GrinchCon - a tea + coffee crawl where people can spread peace and quiet everywhere they go.

The festive bar crawl, which originated in San Francisco before spreading around the world, has earned a bad reputation after reports of vandalism, fights and public urination.

Ocasio-Cortez's Grinch-inspired alternative went down well on Twitter:

It seems that people across the world are united in their annoyance at the annual event.

Once again, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wins the internet.

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