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There's having a strong Instagram game and then there is Donald Trump Jr whose output on the website is best described as 'cringe-worthy.'

If he's not posting embarrassing pictures of his Dad or badly airbrushed photos of him and his girlfriend he's attempting to take jabs at Democrats.

His latest target is the representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who he included in a meme implying that socialists want Americans to eat dogs under their economic platform.

The president's son shared the image on Friday and included the caption 'it's funny cuz it's true!!!'

It's not clear where Trump Jr obtained this meme from but it is particularly troubling in the connotations that it suggests.

Not only is suggesting that people eating their pets quite frankly offensive, but it also draws dramatic and grave conclusions to Ocasio-Cortez's desire to make healthcare more accessible to US citizens and the food shortages that have plagued Venezuela.

Given that she isn't a person to shy away from any sort of criticism or insults aimed at her, Ocasio-Cortez clapped back at Trump Jr on Twitter, pointing out that it probably isn't a good idea on his behalf to aim jibes at a politician who will have subpoena powers in a month.

This perfect takedown of the president's son, whilst also referencing the growing implications of the Robert Mueller Russia probe went down a treat on Twitter.

Others didn't find it quite as funny and claimed that threatening Trump Jr with subpoenas was an abuse of her power.

In response to these comments, Ocasio-Cortez posted a more informative tweet about the power she has in this particular area.

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