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An American man claimed this week that Britain suffers from a terror attack every hour.

The bold claim from Twitter user Knave came in the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, which claimed 59 lives.

It is the deadliest shooting in modern American history and has once again reignited the debate surrounding further gun control in the United States.

On social media, many Brits were discussing how the UK's firearms laws help minimise the chances of similar incidents happening.

This fact didn't sit well with Knave who responded by posting the following "stat" in a now deleted tweet.

England has a terrorist attack every hour and they have the balls to ask us why we want our guns?

Although this could have been a tongue-in-cheek remark, a number Brits on Twitter took him to task for this inaccurate assumption - and their replies were very, very British.

The entire thread was a very pure example of British humour. Slightly inappropriate, but with the best of intentions at heart.

Perhaps realising the error of his ways and the number of notifications he was receiving, Knave later posted this tweet.

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