Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, today outlined compulsory plans to redistribute 160,000 refugees around EU member states.

During his State of the EU speech to the EU Parliament in Strasbourg, he was interrupted twice, firstly by Nigel Farage and secondly by an Italian MEP wearing an Angela Merkel mask.

The Ukip Leader enthusiastically heckled intermittently during Juncker’s speech.

Juncker replied:

I like your interruptions because these are inspiring, they are reminding me what I should have told you before.

I will never forget the meeting I had before being appointed with Farage and his group, it was very supportive, open and frank and not without humour. That's the only quality we share - humour.

In his following speech, Farage suggested that the British public will vote in the upcoming referendum to leave Europe over immigration and asylum concerns:

Unless you give Mr Cameron back control over our borders, the Brits will vote next year to leave.

In addition, in the middle of Juncker's address, Gianluca Buonanno, an Italian MEP for the Lega Nord party, stormed the podium to shake Juncker’s hand while wearing a mask of the German Chancellor.

During his speech Juncker also announced a new common EU legal migration policy and plans to let asylum seekers work from arrival in Europe.

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