6 things we learned from the second part of Piers Morgan's Andrew Tate interview

6 things we learned from the second part of Piers Morgan's Andrew Tate interview
'Pure misogyny': Piers Morgan reads Andrew Tate's offensive tweets back to him

Andrew Tate has returned to Talk TV's Uncensored for the second part of his explosive interview with Piers Morgan.

On Monday (20 November), the controversial social media personality sat down with Morgan and discussed conspiracy theories, misogyny and feminism, with claims that he is a feminist himself.

Tate and his brother Tristan are currently awaiting trial after accusations of forming a criminal gang to exploit women. They both deny the allegations.

At one point, Tate blamed his arrest on the so-called Matrix. He called it a "standard playbook" for those who "speak up against power" and went on to suggest it was because he gave his opinion coronavirus pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

The former boxer, who briefly appeared on Big Brother, also refused to admit that he cried during his three months behind bars, though he had "tears that ran down [his] face."

In the second half of the discussion, Tate spoke about his stance on the Hamas-Israel war, his views on Ben Shapiro and why he believes he was put in jail. His brother Tristan also briefly spoke with Morgan.

Here are 6 things we learned:

Piers Morgan Uncensored

The Hamas-Israel war

When asked about his opinion on the conflict, Tate responded: "The Israelis are genociding the Palestinians – and you know it, as well as everybody else does."

When Morgan pushed back, Tate responded: "Well, it seems like your bosses are not allowing you to know it, perhaps."

The journalist went on to say that nothing justified Hamas' 7 October attacks, to which Tate said: "Nothing justifies what happened before October 7th, Piers."

Tate later went on to make a tasteless joke about whether the alleged beheaded babies "were vaccinated."

"Why are you being flippant?" Morgan asked. "I don't find that funny."

Tate responded: "I'm not being flippant, the point I'm making is that the media lies."

The internet personality then said he was not taking sides, adding that he understands why both sides are doing what they are doing, but believes Israel's actions to be "abhorrent and genocidal".

Tate claims he was put in jail 'because of oppression'

Tate claimed he was put in Romanian jail because he was "speaking against oppression," to which Morgan hit back: "You were put in a jail cell because you've been accused of serious sexual crimes."

Tate doubled down and said he wouldn't have been accused if he weren't "successful and speaking the truth."

Morgan compares Tate to Jeremy Corbyn

When Tate avoided answering whether he believed Hamas to be a terror group, Morgan said that it made "him sound like Jeremy Corbyn, and [he] can't think of a worse insult to throw" at Tate, to which he laughed.

He eventually answered: "[Hamas] is one team's freedom fighter and they're deemed a terrorist group – I think that if you lock people in an open-air prison and steal their land, they're going to retaliate."

"One team's terrorist is another another team's freedom fighter," Tate reiterated.

Tate accuses Morgan of not thinking of Muslims as individual people

"You talk about numbers and statistics, and say 'a few people got caught,'" Tate said, accusing Morgan of not thinking about "Gazans, Muslims and Palestinians as individual people."

Morgan quickly hit back and corrected him, saying: "Oh yes I do. Oh, I do. Don't you dare say that about me."

Tate calls Jordan Peterson 'hypocritical'

Attention turned to Tate's opinions on Jordan Peterson, the Canadian psychology professor.

Tate told Morgan that he had no issues or "nothing against" Peterson and that the pair have "a lot more in common than what they disagree on."

However, Tate went on to say that he found Peterson "a bit disingenuous and hypocritical that he speaks mental strength and then ends up addicted to an antidepressant."

He continued: "I've been through worse than he's been through and I didn't take a single drug."

Tate did acknowledge that he felt appalled by Peterson's 7 October tweet, in which he wrote: "Give 'em hell @netanyahu Enough is enough."

'Short man syndrome' Ben Shapiro has 'been wrong on basically every single issue you can name'

While Tate didn't pose issues with Peterson, he certainly let loose on Ben Shapiro, calling him a "warmonger" and someone who is "always calling for other peoples' young men to go and die in some war. He seems to love it – I don't know if he has short man syndrome."

Tate continued: "I find it kind of hypocritical because a man who is so small that he would die if he was slapped on the streets, sitting behind a desk and screaming for other people to be annihilated – it's insane."

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