11 things we learned from Andrew Tate's interview with Piers Morgan

11 things we learned from Andrew Tate's interview with Piers Morgan
'Pure misogyny': Piers Morgan reads Andrew Tate's offensive tweets back to him

The controversial influencer Andrew Tate has appeared on Piers Morgan’s TalkTV show Uncensored to give his account of his situation as he awaits trial.

Tate and his brother Tristan are awaiting trial in Romania and are accused of forming a criminal gang to exploit women – both deny the allegations.

In part one of a two-part interview with Morgan, for which Morgan has been slammed, Tate made some interesting claims about his December 2022 arrest and the reasons behind it.

He also addressed issues such as the coronavirus pandemic, claimed he was the victim of the Matrix conspiracy and suggested that most women agree with his controversial point of view.

Here are 11 things we learned from part one of the Andrew Tate interview, filmed in Romania.

1. Tate believes the conspiracy that we each have “three lives”

The influencer claimed he knew that his arrest was coming because of his belief that humans are given three lives by some kind of unknown power. He claimed that in the first life, they will try to “cancel” you and take away your social media.

Tate continued: “The second life, they’re going to try to put you in jail for no reason and if you continue to speak against the power they’re going to assassinate you.”

2. Tate said tears “ran down my face” but refused to say he cried

When questioned by Morgan about whether he cried at any point during his three months in a Romanian prison, Tate seemed hesitant to answer.

Morgan suggested crying would be a “perfectly natural” reaction to such a situation and there would be no shame in it.

Eventually, Tate admitted, “There were tears that ran down my face but I did not cry”, alleging that crying is an act of “desperation”.

PART 1: Piers Morgan vs Andrew Tate In Romania | Latest

3. He blames his arrest on “The Matrix”

Tate claimed his charges for exploitation of women are the “standard playbook” for those who “speak up against power”.

Spouting conspiracy theories, Tate claimed The Matrix chose a “heinous” crime to charge him with and convinced the “mainstream media” he was guilty.

The influencer claimed that he was jailed because he gave his opinion coronavirus pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

When pushed by Morgan on why anyone would put him in jail for that, he claimed: “I was the most Googled man on the planet and I had a huge affinity with the most troublesome demographic for The Matrix, which is the young masculine youth.”

Some have suggested that The Matrix conspiracy theory has become a tool for toxic men to avoid accountability for their actions.

4. Tate said God has been paying his bills

During the interview, it emerged that Tate had his bank accounts seized along with other expensive material items like cars, jewellery and property.

When asked how he is financing himself, he claimed: “God has been paying my bills.”

Tate claimed that he had 15 cars, six properties and a number of other assets seized, allegedly totalling £16 or £17 million.

5. Tate suggested Morgan “coerced” him into giving the interview

A bizarre moment in the interview came when Morgan questioned Tate about the so-called “loverboy” sex trafficking method – when victims are made to believe the perpetrator wants a real relationship with them to gain their trust and have control over them.

Tate responded to Morgan: “Do you know what ‘loverboy method’ means? Being nice. ‘He was nice and polite and kind and they really liked him as a person, and he told them how to do TikTok’. He’s a lover boy!”

Things then took a strange turn when Tate claimed, “I was coerced into this interview”. He said that Morgan showered him with compliments, suggesting he used the loverboy method.

Morgan said that he had no interaction with Tate before the interview and arranged it all through an intermediary.

6. Morgan read a recent “misogynistic” tweet by Tate

Morgan read a tweet by Tate posted on 14 November that suggested women he dates have to look good, go to the gym, be in a good mood and be “playful” even if they are not feeling that way.

After finishing the lengthy tweet, Morgan said: “I think that is the purest definition of misogyny I have ever read.”

Tate said that he meant every word but argued there was a “sarcastic” tone to his tweet. He then proceeded to shout at Morgan, suggesting that women “often” only work because they can’t find a man to take care of them financially.

7. Tate calls himself a “pure blood” because he hasn’t had Covid vaccine

Morgan and Tate got into a heated debate over the coronavirus vaccine, with Tate claiming that “The Matrix” is trying to “force” him to get vaccinated against Covid 19.

When asked directly by Morgan if he had the vaccine, Tate said no, adding: “I would have stayed in my house until the end of human time and sat there as a pure blood. The last one. The last pure blood on the planet before I inject myself with poison.”

Morgan asked him if his “brilliant brain knows more about the medicinal and scientific benefits of individual vaccines”, as Tate revealed he has had the polio vaccine.

8. Three months in prison was a “fantastic test from God”

Tate claimed his three months in prison were a “fantastic test from God to make sure I am the man I say I am” and went on to discuss “masculine excellence”, bragging about how he didn’t go to therapy or take drugs.

The influencer suggested he could be looking at anywhere between three to eight years in prison if found guilty. When asked by Morgan if he could cope with eight years in a Romanian jail, Tate said he “could” cope, but suggested he might not be the same person afterwards.

9. Tate called festivals “sweaty peasantry”

While hearing a tweet in which he claimed men should avoid women who go to festivals, Tate then went on a rant in which he claimed festivals are for “peasants”.

He said all people who go to festivals are “stupid” and claimed he’s never been to a festival in his life. Tate added he is not going to scream for a person on stage like they are “God” and called it “embarrassing”.

10. Morgan and Tate clashed over misogynist comments aimed at Amanda Holden

Morgan began to probe Tate about comments aimed at his “good friend” Holden. The influencer responded to a bikini picture Holden shared, suggesting that, as a mother, she should not post it online.

Tate argued that “any woman should not be interested in thirst trapping on Instagram” and added that, “I think she could do things more interesting than standing around trying to thirst trap on Instagram like she is 18.”

Tate said he wasn’t insulting her but was “reminding” her that she’s such a fantastic person that she’s above “thirst trapping”.

11. Tate said he’s a feminist

Tate suggested that he is a feminist and believes in “women empowerment”. He went on to suggest that “modesty is empowerment for females” because it gives the message that no other man but their husband can see their body.

But, he added that it’s okay for men to thirst trap with cars and cigars and “peacocking” by showing off what they have.

Tate made the extraordinary claim that 85 per cent of women agree with him and suggested he has never had a negative interaction with a woman in real life.

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