Andrew Tate reveals his bleak prison conditions in email to fans

Andrew Tate reveals his bleak prison conditions in email to fans
Romanian court upholds 'misogynist influencer' Andrew Tate's 30-day detention

Infamous content creator and former kickboxer Andrew Tate has spoken out about his bleak living conditions in a Romanian prison.

In a video from the YouTube channel Fesify, Tate has reportedly been able to communicate with fans via his newsletter.

According to Fesify, the content creator sent the email from his "" email with the subject line "My First Email from Imprisonment."

According to the email, Tate said he would send out "daily lessons" to his fans from "unjust imprisonment" before noting that the system is trying to "break" him.

He claimed that he was put in a cell without light and it had all kinds of "cockroaches" and "bedbugs" that were his "only friends at night."

He also shared that he stays "absolutely respectful" when the guards escort him to and from the courtroom before adding that "hatred" is trying to be put into his "heart."

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"My prison guards are just performing their job, they have families to feed. In times of hardship, do not forget your manners," he continued.

Additionally, Tate seemed to give fans a dose of wisdom as he explained that when the going gets rough, people mustn't forget their "manners."

"My absolute respect for everyone around me is my act of absolute rebellion. They cannot break me. My guards know I am innocent."

Tate also took to his Twitter on Sunday (22 January) to share that his supporters can email him at

In another tweet the same day, he told fans they could "pray" for him and he'll "hear" them.

At the end of December 2022, Tate, his brother Tristan and two others were arrested for alleged human trafficking, rape and the formation of an organised crime group.

As a result, Tate's belongings, including his luxury cars, have been seized, and he was ordered to stay in custody at the Romanian prison until 27 February as the investigation is ongoing.

On 10 January, Andrew lost his latest appeal against the allegations in court.

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