People are freaking out about Angela Merkel's face when she looks at Ivanka Trump

Getty Images / Pool

Ivanka Trump continues to find herself in awkward situations with world leaders.

Ivanka has no official title or designated role in Trump's administration, despite repeatedly appearing alongside her father.

According to Press Secretary Sean Spicer: "Her role is to be helpful and provide input on a variety of areas that she has deep, passionate concerns about."

So, basically, no actual role (it's her husband Jared Kushner who has been appointed as a Senior Advisor to the President).

But she nevertheless was present at her father's first meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

However, Mrs Merkel was photographed seemingly giving Little Miss Trump some confused yet sassy side-eye - which Twitter was quick to pick up on...

This following the exceptionally uncomfortable moment when Trump appeared to refuse to shake Angela Merkel's hand...

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