Makeup brand labelled 'revolting' after naming blush after Anne Frank

Makeup brand labelled 'revolting' after naming blush after Anne Frank

Woke Up Like This, a Hong Kong make-up brand, is facing criticism after naming one of their products after the holocaust victim, Anne Frank.

The blush, named “Dream Like Anne”, is part of a range of products named after “inspiring, famous women” including writer Virginia Woolf ('In Woolf’s Words') and artist Frida Kahlo ('Viva La Frida').

Safe to say people were quick to point how offensive this was.

Woke Up Like This created the product line for Sexual Health Awareness Month, with the intention of inspiring customers to “live their dreams and break through gender barriers”, which people also thought was questionable, to say the least.

The make-up company later withdrew the product from the line and apologised in a statement to Insider:

The miracle of her legacy, 'The Diary of a Young Girl', is that even in the face of extreme hardship, isolation, and ultimate tragedy, her seminal expression of hope for the future continues to inspire generations.

We are extremely sorry that paying tribute to her in this way appears to have caused offense and is considered disrespectful.

Our intention was quite the reverse, to bring positive energy and shine a little light through unprecedented testing times during the global pandemic.

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