Anti-lockdown protestors storm shopping centre, despite it being completely open to everyone

Irony isn’t lost on anti-lockdown protestors, it seems, as campaigners shouted “freedom” in London’s Westfield shopping centre which was completely open to customers.

Hundreds joined the demonstration on Saturday, which saw individuals protest against the government’s response to the pandemic and coronavirus vaccine passports.

However, their calls to “keep Britain free” backfired spectacularly when shops in the centre were forced to close for their staff’s safety, according to The Independent.

Police officers also had to close roads around the venue, as a numnber of demonstrators had caused “significant disruption”.

After footage from the protest was shared online, Twitter users were quick to point out the ironic nature of their actions:

However, the demonstration itself was apparently short-lived, with journalist Damien Gayle reporting on Twitter that it was “cleared ... after about 20 minutes by police with batons”.

It wasn’t the only protest to take place on Saturday, as demonstrators also gathered in Parliament Square with flags and placards.

The Metropolitan Police later confirmed that four arrests were made across a number of protests in London, with individuals arrested “on suspicion offences including assault on police, violent disorder and criminal damage.”

It’s quite something that people who want everything to open up in a deadly pandemic are so closed-minded.

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