Anti-mask mom threatens to take a loaded gun to school

Anti-mask mom threatens to take a loaded gun to school
Fight breaks out at Florida school board meeting after anti-masker 'shoved' doctor

An anti-mask mother in Virginia said she would bring a loaded gun to school over mask mandates.

In a video uploaded to Twitter, Amelia King, the mother in question, went to a board meeting for the Page County Public Schools when she made the threat on Thursday,

"No mask mandates. My children will not come to school Monday with a mask on. That's not happening. And I will bring every single gun, loaded and ready… King said before she was cut off by a board member who said she had already hit the three-minute talking limit.

"I'll see y'all on Monday," King added.

People who saw the footage were appalled and quick to point out that this video, which anybody on social media can see, is now evidence.

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"This is public evidence now. No one can say they didn't see this coming. This woman must be held in custody. Her children must be removed from her care; her home must be searched; her weapons must be seized. "Monday" can NOT happen," someone wrote.

"That was a death threat. And she just walked out of there without being arrested?" another added.

Someone else commended the staff board member for cutting King off from continuing her tirade and wrote love how calm the school board member was.

"'Okay, that's 3 minutes. We have a policy.' Good for her. I hope they called the police," they wrote.

Evidently taking into consideration how serious the incident was, the school district superintendent Antonia Fox and school board chair Megan Gordon released a statement on Friday (January 21) that addressed how the district doesn't "take these kinds of statements lightly" and is in talks with local law enforcement.

"PCPS is addressing this issue and is in communication with local law enforcement. At each PCPS school [Friday] and Monday, there will be an increased police presence with support from the Page County Sheriff's Office. The Luray Police Department will also provide additional police presence at the Luray area schools on Monday. Luray police chief Bo Cook is investigating the incident and is in communication with the commonwealths attorney as well as state and federal officials," the statement said, in part.

Starting on Monday, Virginia schools' mask mandates will be reversed after a new order by Governor Glenn Youngkin. He refers to this issue as "a matter of individual liberty," according to ABC13 News.

On Friday, the Virginia Department of Health reported that there are almost 47,000 Covid related hospitalizations and nearly 16,000 deaths.

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