Anti-vaxxer brilliantly shut down by college friend who remembered a crucial anecdote

Since vaccines for Covid-19 were announced to be safe – and even better than previously thought – communities around the world have been discussing whether or not they feel safe taking it.

Some are suspicious of how quickly this was rolled out. And other people don’t seem to want to take it because they just don’t know what’s in it. That’s spawned some hilarious memes, as well as some particularly funny interactions like the one below. 

The above tweets show a Twitter user called Brady saying that he won’t be taking the vaccine, asking why people put ‘weird shit’ in their bodies without questioning it.

But another Twitter user, @bocxtop, sent him direct messages on Twitter, reminding Brady of a certain dare he had done in college.

“U remember freshman year when we filled that toilet with natty lite and give you 50 dollars to drink it lol?"

Natty Lite is a light beer, for the uninitiated. Brady replied saying that he replied, and the original poster said (sarcastically) that he was bringing it up for no reason.

People thought it was funny - and that it wasn’t even a huge deal, because everyone had similar stories.

There was even a hilarious follow-up – with Brady saying that he wasn’t mad he’d been put on blast by his friend from college, but he was offended that people were making fun of his name.

Maybe Brady should volunteer to get vaccinated live on television - like Mike Pence - to increase public confidence in the vaccine. It would definitely convert a few of the sceptical.

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