People are trolling anti-vaxxers with this hilarious new meme

A side-effect of the Covid-19 vaccine being rolled out is, unfortunately, misinformation spreading online.

Anti-vaxxers are spreading misinformation on social media about what the vaccine entails, with conspiracy theories ranging from the vaccine supposedly containing “microchips” to fake ingredients. 

This anti-vaxx sentiment, among a minority online, has led to some people citing hesitation to ever take the vaccine due to not knowing what’s ‘in’ it. But with a rigorous testing process in place, scientists have been keen to stress that risks are very unlikely.

Now a new meme is poking fun at anti-vaxxers.

The ‘Don’t worry about what’s in the Covid vaccine if…’ meme has given us all a chance to take a step back and realise just how gross we were before all of this.

If the success of the vaccine spells the end to a disastrous year we’d all rather forget, hopefully these memes will help convince people to take it so that life can soon get back to normal.

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