Anti-vaxxer fundraisers banned by crowdfunding website

Anti-vaxxer fundraisers banned by crowdfunding website

The internet is full of anti-vaxxers claiming all sorts of conspiracy theories and it's becoming too much.

The problem has become so significant that at least 20 US states are proposing new laws to deal with it.

Now, online sites are also joining the fight against one of the biggest threats to global health, with Indiegogo becoming the latest company to announce that it will no longer allow for anti-vaccination fundraisers to be hosted on its platform, according to BuzzFeed News.

The crowdfunding site plans to clamp down on the rampant issue by banning health-related fundraisers that do not have any scientific evidence or backing.

This news comes after two film producers recently raised over $80,000 on the site to make an anti-vax documentary aimed at proving that vaccines cause autism (a claim, which has already been de-bunked).

It's fundraising page reads:

See the TRUTH that the Government, Doctors, and Big Pharma never wanted you to know.

A spokesperson from the website told Buzzfeed News that while the money raised for the documentary, entitled Vaxxed II: The People's Truth, can be kept but future projects looking to raise money for similar reasons will be banned.

Other companies that have also banned anti-vaccination fundraisers or are trying to limit the amount of misinformation out there include GoFundMe, Facebook, YouTube and Amazon.

This year, the US has recorded its worst year for measles since the disease was eradicated in 2000, and while vaccinations rates have remained high, there have been reports of parents refusing to vaccinate their children largely due to the misguiding information online, which claim that vaccines are dangerous and can cause harm.

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