AOC claps back at Republicans for mocking her $58 ‘tax the rich’ merch

Republicans are very angry with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because the Democratic congresswoman is selling merchandise to raise money for “grassroots organising”.

Available on her website are several garments of clothing emblazoned with phrases like “tax the rich” and “the green new deal”. Another t-shirt has “student debt” with a line through it, representing AOC’s belief that student debt should be wiped out.

Just like everything AOC does – like wearing clothes they don’t like, flying on planes and getting her hair cut – the new merch has enraged some people.

Conservatives have complained about the price tag of some of the garments.

They’ve also accused her of hypocrisy given she’s a socialist but these garments are an active participation in capitalism.

Not one to go down without a fight, AOC responded in just the way we’ve come to expect. She pointed out that the merchandise is all made in the USA by workers who are paid a fair wage.

Trump’s campaign have insisted their merch was USA-made. But it’s no secret his ties, suits and other clothing has, over the years, been made elsewhere.

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