<p>New MacBook Pro has a notch and users are furious. </p>

New MacBook Pro has a notch and users are furious.


The new MacBook Pro was unveiled during today’s Apple Event and many seem unhappy with one particular feature.

Apple has added a notch to the display of of its newest 14-inch and 16-inch MacBookPro models. The notch, which was first added to the iPhone X in 2017, is a black cut-out that will house the new 1080p camera system. The new 16-inch MacBook is 16.8mm thin and 4.7 pounds, and the 14-inch model is 15.5mm thin and 3.5 pounds, both of which come equipped with the upgraded Apple M1 processing unit.

Apple has done away with the Touch Bar, and added a row of physical function keys. The new model also has MagSafe and can charge up to 50% in just 30 minutes, promising to last up to 21 hours without needing to be charged. An SD card slot and an HDMI port add to the new features.

Despite these upgrades, Apple users seem laser-focused on the addition of the notch. The macOS menu bar now wraps around the camera, leaving the notch painfully noticeable in the center. The notch appears less noticeable when using Dark Mode, but this doesn’t seem good enough for the brand’s consumers. The biggest critique appears to be that the notch is pointless without the addition of FaceID, which the new MacBook Pro does not have.

Many are comparing the news of MacBook Pro’s notch to the 2017 news about the addition of a notch to the iPhone X, with some noting that they hated it at first but quickly got used to it.

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Still, Apple users remain disappointed.

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