Apple News users get 'incredibly offensive' racist push alert after hack

Apple News users get 'incredibly offensive' racist push alert after hack
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People who read Fast Company on Apple News received shocking racist push messages - and it was due to a hack.

On Tuesday evening (27 September), the financial news publication shut down its website after the outlet said it was compromised.

This hack led to the lewd notifications with racist rhetoric sent to its Apple News subscribers.

In a statement given to Indy100 from the company's representative (the statement was also shared on Twitter), they explained that its "content management system account was hacked on Tuesday evening."

"As a result, two obscene and racist push notifications were sent to our followers in Apple News about a minute apart. The messages are vile and are not in line with the content and ethos of Fast Company," they said before adding that they are investigating what happened.

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They also said the hack was supposedly a related hack of the website that happened on Sunday (25 September) when obscene language seemed to be on the site's homepage. The site was also shut down and "restored" a couple of hours later.

"Fast Company regrets that such abhorrent language appeared on our platforms and in Apple News, and we apologize to anyone who saw it before it was taken down," the representative added.

People who attempted to access the website Tuesday night and today were met with a 404 page, which indicates the website was taken offline. It isn't clear how long the site will be down.

Apple News also addressed the incident on Tuesday and shared a statement on its official Twitter account, noting that the Fast Company channel was "disabled."

It's still unknown who was responsible for the hack and how grave it was.

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