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Ah April Fool's Day, the one day in the year when you're allowed to put paint in your partner's toothpaste tube, and it's just a bit of fun!


Well, considering the political situation we're in, it's hard to see why we'd need it anymore.

To be honest, with what's going on with Brexit (what exactly *is* going on with Brexit, we're not sure anymore); American politics being headed up by a large orange orangutan; and climate change threatening to wipe us all out before we've had a moment to work out what's going on, life itself can start to feel a little bit like a constant April Fool.

No one sums this up more succinctly than everyone's favourite cynical comedian, Technically Ron aka Aaron Gillies.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote:

Pretty sure we don't need April Fool's anymore as we live in a nonsense time where nothing makes sense everyone important is lying all the time and the news sounds like it was written by a drunk toddler.

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

Many other Twitter users agreed.

One hit the nail on the head.

Happy April Fool's, one and all. Let's hope that by this time next year, pranks will be in demand once again...

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