It's April Fool's Day and everyone is making the same joke


Known for making outlandish statements and outrageous accusations without a shred of evidence, Donald Trump makes spotting an April Fool's Day story even more difficult than usual.

Twitter users have been quick to point out that April Fool's Day has lost its edge, as every day brings more absurd headlines and the presidency seems like one long on-going joke:

Many were worried about how they were supposed to spot the facts from the fiction.

Other users were concerned that April Fool's Day has been ruined forever.

Some worried that Trump supporters might have trouble distinguishing the real from the fake news:

But as the one day of the year when people actually celebrate fake news, some tweeters argued this is the one time Donald Trump should be in his element.

Although it might be overwhelming for a president who derides every criticism and contradiction as “fake news”:

This man summed up what for him would be the most ridiculous story on April Fools’ Day:

But we mustn't get our hopes up too high.

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