This man has conducted a thorough investigation to see if Ariana Grande actually sat on a stool

Twitter/Screengrab/Jesse McLaren

We can all agree that Ariana Grande is pretty great.

The 24-year-old pop superstar is a feminist icon.

The American also proved herself an icon to the people of Manchester after her concert in the city was the victim of a terrorist attack, earlier this year, and she held a memorial "One Love" concert.

She also appears to be very good a defying the laws of physics as evident by the cover of her 2014 album 'My Everything'.

The cover involves Grande sitting on a stool at an almost impossible angle, using only her legs.

Did the pop starlet actually manage to do this or was it just some Photoshop trickery?

Renowned Twitter user and Buzzfeed writer Jesse McLaren decided to see and the results were hilarious.

His first attempt appeared to be unsuccessful, even with a trusty "balance-perfecting" ponytail at his disposal.

Others then tried to give it a go and appeared to do a lot better than Jesse.

There were several theories batted around.

The situation became even more confusing when other photos appeared to show Grande clearly sitting on the stool in a normal manner.

Seeking clarification, Jesse took the plunge and asked the only person who would really know, Ariane Grande herself.

Her response was magnificent.

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