Artist creates terrifying illustrations of your biggest phobias

Shawn Cross/ Instagram

Nearly everyone is afraid of something.

Whether it's spiders, clowns, tiny holes or things that go bump in the night you probably have a phobia of some description.

There is no better time to explore your fears, and your ractions to them, than October and the run up to Halloween.

Throughout October, or should we say "Feartober", artist Shawn Cross has been illustrating some of the most common phobias and sharing them on his Instagram account.

Even if you aren't scared of any of the following things, Shawn's impressive and terrifying drawings are bound to haunt your dreams tonight.

Here are some of his finest creations.

Arachnophobia - fear of spiders

Trynophobia - fear of needles

Trypophobia - fear of patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps

Claustrophobia - fear of small spaces

Automatonophobia - fear of puppets, dummies, mannequins, animatronics or wax models.

Nyctophobia - fear of the dark

Ophidiophobia - fear of snakes

Pyrophobia - fear of fire

Thalassopphobia - fear of the sea

Necrophobia - fear of corpses

Hylophobia - fear of forests

Coulrophobia - fear of clowns

Emetophobia - fear of vomit

Chronophobia - fear of time

Cherophobia - fear of happiness

Verbophobia - fear of words

Eisoptrophobia - fear of mirrors

Blennophobia - fear of goo or slime

Agorophobia - fear of open spaces

Philophobia - fear of love

Epistemmophobia - fear of knowledge

You can view more of Shawn's work via his website and on Facebook.

Feartober the book will be released on 1 November. You can purchase a copy through AMN Clothing.

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