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A new version of Stephen King's It is in cinemas and it is terrifying.

Just watching the trailer of Pennywise the evil clown terrorising teenagers is enough to give us sleepless nights.

If you have a similar fear of clowns and anything remotely horror orientated, then spare a thought for Chris from Guildford.

He went to see It at his local multiplex at the weekend and ran into the last person he wanted to see.

Yeah. Nope. No thanks. Next please.

Chris's tweet soon went viral and people were pretty freaked out.

Turns out it wasn't the only sighting of the clown around the country.

He wasn't the only evil clown spotted out and about either.

Then there was this guy...

Wait a minute. Is that?

Unlike most people, Chris didn't turn and run and decided to talk to the clown.

Turn's out he was quite nice and nobody died.

As is the nature of the Internet, people actually managed to track down who it was.

This is Jordan...

HT Twitter

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