The family of an elderly Asian woman who was attacked in San Francisco have pledged to donate the $900,000 they received in donations “back to the Asian American community to combat racism.”

Last week, Xiao Zhen Xie was the victim of an unprovoked attack on San Francisco’s Bay Street and, although she managed to fend off her attacker and send him to a hospital, the incident saw an outpouring of emotion towards the grandmother, who was donated hundreds of thousands of dollars via a GoFundMe campaign.

Sadly, the attack left Xie with two black eyes, one of which was reportedly bleeding consistently, but according to her grandson John Chen the eye has now stopped bleeding and her “overall mental and physical health has improved.”

In an update on the GoFundMe page, which Chen started, he wrote: “She is now starting to feel optimistic again and is in better spirits. She said we must not submit to racism and we must fight to the death if necessary. “

He added that a decision has been made to give the money back to the Asian American community as it continues to fight against a rise in racism. “She also stated multiple times to donate all the funds generated in this GoFundMe back to the Asian American community to combat racism,” Chen wrote before adding: “She insists on making this decision saying this issue is bigger than Her.” 

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At the time of writing the total donated to Xie is more than $930,000, far exceeding the original goal of $50,000.

It has not been declared which charities or services will be receiving the money.

The Asian American community has experienced a string of unprovoked attacks in recent weeks, greatly highlighted by the mass shooting in Atlanta, Georgia on 16th March where eight people were killed including six Asian women.

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