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Caroline was born in 1915 in New Jersey; she's about to turn 102.

She married her husband Frank, who passed away in 1981, and the couple moved to Las Vegas, where she worked in a casino. She then moved to a retirement home with her two best friends after her husband died. Both have since passed away, but one of their families “adopted” her.

And now, Caroline – who says the 50s were her favourite decade and that she eats ice cream for desert every day – has done an Ask me Anything on Reddit.

And she has some great advice.

She says:

Live your life to the fullest dear. Don't be afraid to do anything.

Spend more time with those you love, take more photos, do more things. Memories are all we have when we are old.

She says life can be very unexpected:

I certainly didn't think I'd live this long! I thought maybe I'd help run my parents gas station, or I'd meet a nice Irish lad and get married.

It wasn't until I was twenty nine and I met a handsome Italian man that I knew my life would be anything but normal!

And that we should treat everyone the same:

I always treated folks the same way no matter the color of their skin. A nice persons nice no matter if they are white, black, purple. And an asshole is an asshole no mater their color

And that things aren’t as bad as they really seem right now:

Everyone always thinks the generation before them had it better. We always thought our generation was the best. I think there's good and bad in every generation

Wise words.

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