YouTuber Austin McBroom sparks outrage after resurfaced video shows him 'spanking' his daughter

A popular family on YouTube has come under fire after a resurfaced video showed dad Austin McBroom appearing to spank his daughter.

With over 19 million subscribers on YouTube, The ACE Family posts “vlogs, crazy experiences, challenges, pranks, and fun family times”, according to their channel.

The family is made up of Austin, Catherine Paiz, daughters Elle and Alaïa, as well as newborn son, Steele.

But a video from before Steele was born in June has resurfaced of McBroom slapping his own backside and then doing the same to his daughter, Elle.

The father said in the video:

I’ve been working out too much.

He slapped his behind and added:

My sh*t fat.

He then turned his attention to his daughter and spanked her backside, as well as remarked:

Oh God...

One Twitter user posted the video to the social media platform and said McBroom needs “to be cancelled”:

People on the whole agreed it was an inappropriate moment, and called it "disgusting" and said it made them "extremely uncomfortable".

It’s not the first time Austin McBroom has made headlines. In January last year, he came under fire for taking Catherine’s younger sister to a sex shop and buying her a rainbow phallic-shaped lollipop.

The pair never publicly addressed the controversy, but took a break from social media at the time, for a month.

McBroom is also yet to publicly comment on the latest video – indy100 reached out to The ACE Family for comment.

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