Most of us go to the movie theatre equipped with a bag of popcorn and a fizzy drink. We munch away, laugh (or cry), and fully immerse ourselves in the movie experience.

But for one mega-fan, going to watch Avengers: Endgame and following the simple rule of remaining silent isn't enough. According to this girl, you must follow a whole list of rules, in fact.

Taking to Twitter, the girl lists eight of her strict rules of watching the much-anticipated movie with her, including arriving 15 minutes early before the film starts and laughing and crying at "appropriate times".

Other notable ones include:

– Don’t ask me anything because you should’ve watched recaps like a smart person.

– There will be no unnecessary talking or chewing during the movie. If you talk and I miss something important, I will hit you with my shoe.

The rules even extend until after the film is finished, as the girl says she will only discuss her thoughts and feelings the following day when she is no longer "an emotional wreck".

– At the end of the movie, we will sit and wait until the credits have finished.

– After we leave the theatre, we will walk to our cars and ponder the events that unfolded in silence.

– We will discuss our thoughts and feelings about the movie on the following day when I’m no longer an emotional wreck.

And to that one guy who is always either munching on his popcorn too loudly or flicking through his phone during a movie, let's hope he won't be sitting in close proximity to the mega-fans.

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