We all know what Christmas Day can be like.

You wake up far too early, probably with a hangover, open some adequate presents (it's the thought that counts), sit down to dinner and probably fall asleep on the sofa at around seven o'clock.

What if there was a truly great present that not just you could enjoy but everyone else could also revel in.

Well, if you and you friends are big Marvel fanatics then Christmas Day can't come around soon enough as Avengers: Infinity War is arriving on the streaming service.

Whether you want to relive a mad alien tyrant wiping out half of the universe and all your favourite heroes on what should be the one day of the year that you should be with you family is up to you but we can think of much worse ways to spend the day.

Of course, there is a strong chance that you've already watched this movie multiple times on the various other formats that it is already available on and dissected every possible theory but news of it's imminent arrival on Netflix excited a lot of people.

There is a slight catch here in that only US Netflix has announced that Infinity War will be arriving on their service (but there are ways around that) yet we're confident that the UK and the rest of the world will follow suit, at least before Thanos snaps his fingers again.

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