Baby born to drug addict parents is going viral after remarkable recovery

Greg Evans
Saturday 29 July 2017 11:15
Picture:(Twitter/ Blaine Hamilton)

When baby Coleman first arrived at the home of the Hamilton's he was barely recognisable to the boy he is today.

The Hamilton family from Alvord, Texas, welcomed the child into their home 15 months ago after he was taken to hospital at just eight weeks old.

Coleman, whose biological parents have reportedly struggled with drug addiction, are related to the family.

Not long after his birth, Coleman, who was being exposed to harmful drugs, was diagnosed with a condition called pyloric stenosis, which caused him to vomit.

After undergoing surgery, Child Protective Services contacted the Hamilton's to see if they were willing to care for the child.

Coleman's cousin, Blaine told Buzzfeed:

My parents were like, 'We’ll take him. We’ll go to the hospital.'

Kayasi, the mother of the family added:

He was my brother's son, so knowing that he is with his biological family and that he will grow up with his grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. is comforting and rewarding to us.

Coleman has now been living with the Hamilton's for well over a year, and last Thursday they were granted guardianship of him.

Shortly after the legal confirmation Blaine shared images of Coleman on Twitter revealing his dramatic transformation from a malnourished baby to a healthy and super happy toddler.

The Hamilton's, who only had a week to prepare for his arrival, received support from their community who provided them with baby supplies and volunteers to help raise Coleman who is no longer affected by his illness.

The post which has now been shared over 128,000 times on Twitter and has inspired other families and parents to share stories of their children who have also overcome difficult starts to their lives.

The Hamilton's are said to be overwhelmed by the response to Coleman's pictures and hope that he can become an inspiration to others.

He represents the struggles that people around the world are facing every day in silence, fear, and darkness. ... We pray he is a message of hope — that maybe one person will stop using, or one person will foster a child, or a child of drug-addicted parents will know that there is hope.

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