Barack Obama and Joe Biden met for lunch and people can't cope

Out of the horror show that was 2016, there was one wholesome meme that made everything all better.

The friendship, or “bromance”, between former vice-president Joe Biden and president Barack Obama, generated thousands of hilarious memes and jokes as the world prepared for life under president Trump. Almost two years in, this seems like a long, long time ago.

But all is not lost, because the Internet erupted with joy once more at the news that Obama and Biden met up for a quick lunch date. In such politically uncertain times, it’s nice to know that these two men will always keep up with one another.

If that’s not cute enough, according to the Washington Post the two decided to have lunch at Dog Tag Bakery, a non-profit that helps teach vets, military spouses and caregivers about the ins and outs of business.

A clip from inside the bakery showed the duo ordering, with Obama later joking that "Joe’s paying".

Everyone got excited. Very excited.

Bakery manager Meghan Ogilvie told the Post:

I’m a little bit awestruck

Ogilvie, who made sure that all 13 of her fellows were present to meet the pair, continued:

They shook every fellow’s hand, hugged them and listened to their stories. It was just a phenomenal scene

No, *you've* got something in your eye.

H/T: Mashable

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