Barack Obama reveals he once got kicked out of Disneyland for smoking

Barack Obama reveals he once got kicked out of Disneyland for smoking

Is it possible for Barack Obama to become more likeable? Well, it appears that he just has, in a relatable 'we're all only human' kind of way.

On Saturday, he addressed a gathered crowd in Anaheim, California, and told a story about a time from his student days, when he was kicked out of Disneyland's Magic Kingdom for smoking.

He'd been visiting California with his college friends, to see the band Kool & The Gang, when they decided to make a detour to the adventure park.

Taking to the podium, he said:

So we came down, me and a bunch of friends. After the concert, because we were teenagers you could still sort of hang out in the park, and we got in the gondolas.

And I'm ashamed to say this, so close your ears, young people. A few of us were... smoking.

After miming smoking, the crowd began to cheer, and he clarified:

No, no, these were cigarettes, people.

He then wrapped up the story:

They escorted us out of Disneyland.

I was booted from the Magic Kingdom.

Disney's CEO Robert Iger responded to the story on Twitter, joking that Obama is welcome back to the adventure park, as long as he refrains from smoking.

@BarackObama just opened his speech in Anaheim with a story from his college years about getting kicked out of Disneyland for smoking cigarettes on a ride.

"This is a true story everybody, I was booted from the Magic Kingdom!" He can always come back, as long as he doesn't smoke!

Needless to say, the anecdote went down well on Twitter, with some commenting how much they miss Obama in the White House.

Obama was speaking at the Anaheim Convention Centre alongside seven Democratic congressional candidates, who are out on the campaign trail ahead of November's midterm elections.

Democrats need at least 23 seats to take back control of the house, while Republicans defend a 51-49 seat majority in the Senate.

The ex-president's lighthearted speech comes after he publicly denounced president Trump's administration for the first time on Friday at a rally in Illinois.

Speaking to the gathered crowd, he said:

[Donald Trump] is just capitalising on resentments politicians have been fanning for years. 

A fear and anger that has been rooted in our past, but also the enormous upheavals that have taken place during your brief lifetimes.]

He continued:

The biggest threat to our democracy is indifference.

The biggest threat to our democracy is cynicism.

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